Best non professional wrestlers

Israel “the prodigy” Borge- Israel is probably the best 54 pound wrestler on this list. His current record is 133-3 With over 10 national championships. He was also named the 2014-2015 world wrestling wrestler of the year.


Quentin Sanders- Quentin is a rising star right now. His current record is 81-0. Quentin is the best 160 pounder in the country right now. Quentin has over 6 national championships and is currently wrestling greco roman and freestyle.


Romeo “the gift” Silva- Romeo is a 2x all-American wrestler. His current record is 86-4 which is really good for someone his size. Romeo is the best 45 pound wrestler right now probably. Romeo is a 8x national champion. Romeo has not decided to wrestle freestyle or greco roman yet.


Wyatt Fry- Fry is a World runner up which means he is now known world wide. Fry’s current record is 64-1 which doesnt sound that good but it’s one of the best in the nation. Fry is the best 68 pound wrestler in the nation and almost the world. Fry has won multiple state championships and various national championships.



5 Reasons why you should Wear Headgear

1). Its your advantage on your opponent. You can always use your head as a weapon especially if your opponent doesn’t. You can easily push your head against theirs and they will back up exposing there leg.


2. Your head hurts way  less after. If you opponent has headgear there gonna use it to there advantage. This would make your head hurt a lot after practice or a tournament. You probably don’t want your head to hurt after a long practice or even a tournament.


3. Your hair will be less sweaty after. The most annoying thing after practice is being sweaty especially if you have to go somewhere that sucks. Being sweaty sucks it makes your hair all messy and kind of sticky.


4. Its kind of comfortable I wouldn’t say headgear is the most comfortable but its better than nothing. The only bad thing about headgear is the chin strap it mostly goes under your neck if you have it to tight. You can always buy a Cliff Keen throwback chin strap which is way better than the basic one.


5. You wont get cauliflower ear. Cauliflower ear is really disgusting if you don’t know what it is then you probably shouldn’t look it up. Basically its really comfortable it then goes and affects your hearing. It blocks your hearing so you can barely hear.

How to prepare for a tournament

Step one:  Dont eat unless you have room to eat. Room known as 3 pounds or more. If you are close to weight only eat Salad but no dressing.

Step two:  Make sure you have all of your equipment or everything you need. Also make sure you drink a lot of water at the tournament.

Step three:  Make weight Its simple if you dont make weight no competition. So as soon as you get to the tournament weigh in as soon as possible.

Step four:  Look at your brackets. You need to see what bout number and what mat your on most of the time your brackets will be online at trackwrestling or the newer software there using.

Step five:  Scout your opponent if you have a bye first round make sure to watch your opponents match find out what they are not very good at. Each person is bad at something. So once you find there weakness look for the other persons weakness and also look for there strengths because if there strengths are what you were gonna do you should probably come up with a different plan of attack.

Step six:  Wrestle if this is your first tournament you should be a little scared but if this is not your first you can still have some nerves but not as much as you should have your first time.

Step seven:  Get a big drink of water and then you can drink your gatorade.